HALo Promotions let you create, execute and manage promotional calendars. Maintain a steady flow of fun and engaging events for your loyalty members. Our robust library of promotional engines that can be tailored to seasonal offers, birthdays, anniversaries, and sporting events or customized to unique campaigns. Then, trigger awards using a variety of offer scenarios.

HALo Promotions are flexible and easy-to-use. They let non-technical users manage a large library of promotions and awards that can be extended across multiple properties and include all patrons, or a limited set of guests. Patrons can participate in promotions directly on site, or online, mobile applications and through kiosks. Every touch point can make an impact and provide a reason for patrons to return.

Promotional engines include:

  • Achievers, or “play X, get Y” style promotions
  • PickX, or virtual drawings and sweepstakes, criteria and list-driven patron groups
  • Minimum points
  • New member promotions