HALo Kiosk is a loyalty management solution for both enterprise and single site properties. Patrons have the power to access, redeem, and manage their own loyalty experience at their convenience through self-service kiosks, mobile apps and web portals. Patrons can also replace lost cards, redeem offers and play entertaining, interactive promotional games without standing in long lines.

HALo Kiosk gives patrons self-service access to functionality such as:

  • Reprint cards
  • Update patron information
  • View and redeem offers, complimentaries and promotions and view patron balances and tier progress/status
  • Activate and/or print sweepstakes entries
  • Win awards by playing animated games
  • Request win/loss statement (for gaming loyalty programs)

HALo Kiosk can also serve as an alternative marketing channel for personalized member messages based on targeted pros, tier status, and patron history.