HALo Core is a highly configurable, coherent, and centrally managed loyalty platform. It allows operators to manage a unified card-based loyalty program across the enterprise, integrating transactional data across multiple systems. This provides great flexibility for managing your patron loyalty programs. HALo Core works with existing management systems to enhance, augment or replace your current marketing functionality for increased brand awareness and revenue growth. In addition, it can be decoupled from your existing management system, enabling you to manage individual programs across gaming and non-gaming areas of your business.

HALo Core is licensed for use in gaming loyalty programs across a geographically diverse set of markets via state and local regulatory bodies.

HALo allows operators to:

  • Operate a single card loyalty program locally or enterprise wide.
  • Centralize all patron data from the enterprise in real-time, determining how rewards are earned and by whom
  • Extend brand loyalty across the enterprise by capturing and managing data in real-time, including spend, promotions and complimentaries.

Influence patron behavior by managing tiers based on spend across the entire organization, not just gaming.