Finally A Loyalty Platform That Works The Way You Do

House Advantage offers decades of experience in loyalty programs for the resort, leisure and entertainment markets. We bring proven technology and the strategic expertise needed to enhance your loyalty program. We offer ongoing services support after we implement your solution.

Strategy Services

House Advantage is your “always-on” partner in every aspect of loyalty and customer engagement, applying more than a century of combined experience implementing, managing, and optimizing loyalty solutions to meet your requirements.

Product Suite

HALo is a suite of centrally managed loyalty solutions. It has the power to integrate your loyalty program across hotel, restaurant, point of sale, food and beverage, spa and entertainment systems in service of a coherent, enterprise-wide customer experience.

Integrated Solutions

House Advantage offers certified tools for point-to-point and information-bus integrations, with deep expertise deploying HALo on legacy infrastructures to preserve your existing technology investments.

House Advantage delivers demonstrable value.

House Advantage works with you to configure a loyalty solution that addresses your exact requirements. Depending on your needs, this tailored solution may combine all our offerings – software, strategy, implementation, training, system support and an ongoing collaborative partnership – or just one or two. We’ll partner with you to craft the mix that best suits your business.

  • House Advantage offers the most advanced and comprehensive loyalty strategy platform.
  • Our centralized platform integrates all patron spending and behavioral data across multiple touchpoints.
  • Our loyalty software consolidates data in real time from disparate transactional and management systems.
  • We stand with you through development, management and optimization of your loyalty program.
  • Deep system interface and integration expertise lets us deploy on legacy infrastructures to maximize value of existing systems.

Advanced Loyalty Strategy Services

House Advantage is your “always-on” partner for excellence implementing, managing, and optimizing your loyalty program. The breadth of our expertise allows us to deploy and configure the HALo solution to meet specific requirements and goals. Find out how House Advantage can address your technical and business needs for loyalty solutions.

New Product Development

For brands looking to expand their loyalty marketing footprint with the development of a customized product, House Advantage brings a wealth of expertise in product design and development. From product strategy to real-world design and production of cards or currency, House Advantage has you covered.

Loyalty Program Design

Starting with strategy and an unmatched understanding of the customer data infrastructure, organizational resources and proven best practices that deliver loyalty success, House Advantage builds loyalty programs to best fit your loyalty strategy objectives.

Loyalty Strategy Enhancements

With House Advantage, you gain an objective partner and an expert resource to analyze and prioritize opportunities for refining or expanding your loyalty program and customer engagement approach.

Audience Analysis and Optimization

We bring deep experience in the optimization of critical databases. From issue diagnosis to data collection strategies, patron segmentation to data hygiene, House Advantage brings clarity and structure to your data.

Location-Based Marketing

House Advantage is an expert in strategy and integration to tap new technologies for location-based services into your customer engagement efforts, from location detection software to physical infrastructure.

Merge Detection and Data Hygiene

Avoid duplicate records, incomplete or duplicate data with our holistic process to ensure data cleanliness and consistency from database schema to individual records.

Predictive Marketing Tools

We pair proven strategies with innovative software tools to support customer interest sensing and deliver marketing offers that anticipate patron rewards based on customer behavior, location and other factors.

Program Management and Execution

House Advantage has a staff of seasoned loyalty marketing professionals ready to partner with you and manage and execute any aspect of your program to your exacting standards.

Program Performance Evaluation

We offer a fresh perspective and an unmatched track record in loyalty program optimization as we holistically assess your program from strategy to execution and give you recommendations with instant impact and long-term value.

Enhance the customer experience
Provide a consistent member experience across all existing transactional systems.
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HALo Loyalty Software Solutions

HALo is a suite of centrally managed loyalty solutions that enable delivery of highly tailored programs and incentives across multiple systems. HALo is a proven solution with huge transactional scale typically seen only in global financial networks. Orchestrating those programs and their vast stores of data is HALo Core, the central component of the HALo Loyalty Management Solution. The unique HALo architecture supports true “big data” processing with the speed to satisfy the demands of real-time transactional processing at massive scale. HALo stands alone in the loyalty software market, built from the ground up to deliver the capacity and performance to meet any system requirements. HALo can be launched in the cloud for rapid deployment opportunities, while reducing infrastructure costs. The following management tools and user interfaces further extend the power of the HALo platform.

Core Loyalty Management

HALo Core

Deploy the fundamental tools necessary to configure and manage the enterprise loyalty program. Define program characteristics such as customer tiers, a variety of loyalty currencies which can be earned or gifted, and the operations which participate in the program.

HALo Core Advanced Marketing Solutions

The Advanced Marketing Solutions suite extends the functionality of HALo Core to give marketing teams powerful tools to manage earnings, trigger-based offers and messaging via direct mail, email and SMS, as well as a variety of system-managed loyalty capabilities.


HALo's new data warehouse and business intelligence solution has finally arrived. Real time data to help guide your business and reveal intriguing revenue improvement and loyalty opportunities. Fully integrated and extremely powerful for users of all capabilities and skill sets.

HALo Offers

HALo Offers allows marketing teams to publish targeted offers directly into HALo allowing customers to view and redeem their offers wherever and whenever they need them.

HALo Promotions

HALo Promotions allows property level promotions and events teams to directly manage their promotions calendar. Manage Achievers, or “Spend X, Get Y” style promotions.

HALo Event Management

HALo Event Management allows local promotions and events teams to schedule events, and add customers to those events either through lists or criteria.

HALo Awards

HALo Awards provides awards management for patrons who satisfy user-configurable redemption criteria. It allows management of award inventory by location, limits award availability by on-site and drop-shippable inventory, and caps award availability based on event budget.

HALo Lounge

HALo Lounge allows users to define locations within an enterprise or integrated resort which may be accessed either by patrons who qualify based on their status or by redeeming a HALo Core managed currency, such as points, comp value or credits. Employees may manage access via PC, laptop or tablet, granting access to patrons through prequalification or redemption.

HALo DocStore

HALo DocStore allows users to associate patron photos, signatures and scanned document images to patron profiles, along with other documents such as images, PDFs and spreadsheets in support of patron enrollment, documentation for reimbursements and program management.

HALo Retail Connect

HALo Retail Connect provides a point-of-sale interface for patron lookup, balance lookup, and offer lookup and redemption, as well as giving employees access to comp buckets and discretionary comp lookup and redemption. In addition, it offers the integrated resort a POS tool to issue trigger awards based on retail transactions for food and beverage, hotel, spa, or events and shows.

HALo Expedition

HALo Expedition is a game engine primarily focused primarily on high-frequency patrons, with components for destination players. Patrons progress across a board, and win awards when they land on a board space, as well as an additional award for traversing the entire board.

HALo SportPix

The HALo SportPix module works with the Promotion Manager System. With a SportPix promotion, a property can set up a sporting event or season, using the Kiosk system to allow patrons to directly and interactively participate in the SportPIX promotions.

HALo Mobile Solutions

HALo Mobile

HALo Mobile provides mobile access to all your internal patron management functions – securely, enterprise-wide – on both iOS and Android.

HALo Mobile Enrollment

With HALo Mobile Enrollment, patrons easily enroll into loyalty programs simply by scanning a drivers’ license, minimizing data entry.


HALo Kiosk

HALo Kiosk allows businesses to deploy remote or onsite secure customer touchpoints where customers can view and manage their personal profiles, promotions, offers, events and rewards, as well as print contest entries, award vouchers and more.

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Engage your members across all amenities and touch points, in real time.
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System Integrations

HALo integrates with all your existing transactional systems – including gaming, hotel, dining, retail, spa and entertainment point of sale – using third-party certified gateways. We extend the life of your existing technology investments. The HA team can implement cutting-edge HALo solutions on your existing infrastructure; no need for a high-cost rip-and-replace scenario or the limitations of a single management system.

HALo system interface and integration technologies:

  • Provide third-party systems with a simple, point-to-point API solution to communicate with HALo CORE.
  • Add secure patron portals to your existing websites, providing access to loyalty data, offers and the patron profiles.
  • Enable companies with information-bus platform investments, such as TIBCO, MULE, BizTalk to integrate through HALo Mesh.
  • Allow you to launch HALo in the cloud for rapid deployment opportunities and reduced infrastructure costs.

The HALo system interface solutions include the following tools:

HALo Web

HALo Web allows you to add secure patron loyalty program portals to your existing web properties.

HALo Open Gateway

HALo Open Gateway provides a simplified API for third-party access to patron information and transactional data.

HALo Mesh

HALo Mesh enables information bus platforms such as TIBCO and MULE to directly integrate with HALo Core.

HALo CRMx Gateway

HALo CRMx Gateway allows HALo to issue awards in response to triggered promotions or redeemed offers (for use with casino loyalty solutions).

HAS2S Gateway

The HAS2S Gateway is the primary integration point for ACSC systems without the Bally Universal Gateway (for use with casino loyalty solutions).

HALo Cloud

HALo Cloud enables deployment of HALo in a cloud-based environment such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2.