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Inside the realm of casinos and resorts, few companies have sought to satisfy the sector’s appetite for customer loyalty programs as aggressively as House Advantage, a Las Vegas based firm that surged into the ranks of middle market companies as it adroitly served some of the realm’s largest enterprise players.

Central to House Advantage’s success was the notion that when it came to customer relationships – companies must encourage and bolster those behaviors that grow the long term value of a customer. Along the way – new technologies allowed gaming outfits to more closely track the very behaviors – House Advantage was introducing strategies to incent and manage.

“Technology has taken the leading role. It has allowed companies to collect data, but it has also given them the ability to actually speak to the customer. And today the customer expects to be spoken to on an individual level,” explains Jon Wolfe, CEO, House Advantage. Says Wolfe: “The message has gotten to where it has been individually tailored to each customer, their wants, their needs and their interests.” Join us when Jon shares the business building journey that led him to the intersection of  new data technologies and customer relationship building.

  • Guest: Jon Wolfe, President & CEO
  • Company: House Advantage
  • Headquartered: Las Vegas, NV

Sweeney, Jack. “247: Helping the House Win | Jon Wolfe, CEO, House Advantage“. Middle Market Executive, 30 Jan. 2019.

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