By Brett Kline, Chief Marketing Officer

The promises of true omnichannel marketing have been an object of obsession for loyalty marketers. With all of the touchpoints between brands and an increasingly mobile-first customer, and the vast volumes of data that can be captured from transactions and behaviors, it’s easy to see why omnichannel strategies continue to climb the list of priorities for loyalty program leaders.

In our work, we often encounter marketers with a great appreciation for what an omnichannel approach can do to accelerate their loyalty efforts, and many of them have begun to deploy elements of omnichannel in their organization. However, too often, those marketers’ best intentions get bogged down at an inflection point – an intractable systems integration, a siloed database infrastructure or a process breakdown that limits their ability to scale out their omnichannel plans, capture real-time insights and achieve the holistic, 360-degree view of the customer that brings the biggest returns on omnichannel loyalty programs.

We built this infographic to capture the huge opportunity – and the challenges – of omnichannel marketing in a single visual that’s easy to appreciate and share.

Infographic: Path to Omnichannel Loyalty

Take a look and let us know your thoughts about House Advantage’s approach to omnichannel and the best paths for marketers to find success.

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