Firms join forces to provide the best customer dining experience.

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — eTouchMenuTM (a wholly-owned subsidiary of House Advantage, LLC) announced its partnership with CompuTant, Hawaii’s only certified NCR reseller for independent and multi-unit restaurant operators. This fully integrated partnership delivers server-assisted tableside ordering, customer-facing self-order kiosks and tablets with NCR’s Aloha point of sale system: all with secure EMV payment and integration with major loyalty programs. Together, eTouchMenu and NCR deliver an unmatched customer experience enabling customers to make payments seamlessly and safely via mobile, tablets or self-service kiosks.

“NCR’s Aloha point of sale system is the leading platform for large and small restaurants around the world, and CompuTant has proven to be the gold standard in service and support of the Hawaiian Islands for more than 30 years,” said Jon C. Wolfe, Chief Executive Officer of House Advantage and eTouchMenu. “Their long, successful track record and hyper targeted focus on the highest quality of customer service and dining experiences align perfectly with our business strategies at eTouchMenu. We look forward to working together with NCR via CompuTant to provide a new caliber of premium ordering and payment solutions across the state,” concluded Wolfe.

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