By Jon Wolfe, President and CEO of House Advantage

If you’ve been following us, you know we believe success in loyalty marketing starts with taking a 360-degree perspective to your customers and the opportunities to engage them in a personalized way. Our work has convinced us that an effective omnichannel customer engagement framework requires a perspective that is both holistic and granular in equal measure. To see the big picture – business objectives, market dynamics and the unique value propositions of a brand and its offerings, while at the same time, accounting for the practical realities of architecting and implementing a loyalty solution across all transactional touch points and customer engagement channels, takes a special type of loyalty partner.

Specifically, it requires a comprehensive slate of loyalty marketing products, a suite of strategic advisory and consulting services, and an enterprise-wide integration practice to seamlessly unite new solutions with existing infrastructure.

And that is exactly what House Advantage promises and delivers.

Infographic: Path to Omnichannel Loyalty excerpt

We got our start providing loyalty strategy and solutions to the gaming industry. And our decades of experience in loyalty platform creation, marketing strategy and program management also extends to the hotel/resort, retail, dining, spa and entertainment markets. From strategy to implementation – for comprehensive programs and simple a la carte solutions – House Advantage brings proprietary technology and a robust platform capable of handling everything you could demand from your loyalty program. We offer strategic expertise if you are just getting started and marketing advice for seasoned loyalty veterans. We can implement a turnkey platform or integrate loyalty software with your legacy systems. Further, we offer ongoing services and support after we tailor and deploy your preferred solution.

So, what do you get when you partner with House Advantage?

Solutions Snapshot

Expertise in Delivering Strategic Loyalty Services

House Advantage brings its depth and breadth of technical and loyalty business expertise to serve as your “always-on” partner in every aspect of loyalty and customer engagement, applying a wealth of hands-on experience implementing, managing, and optimizing some of the world’s largest, most complex and most successful loyalty programs.

Our expertise runs the gamut of customer loyalty strategy: from program design to implementation planning, product or mobile application development, location-based services, audience optimization, program performance evaluation, and more. We have the expert team and the experience to dedicate to your loyalty program challenges. Whether you’re looking to optimize one particular aspect of your loyalty efforts or you need a trusted third-party to build a path to increased engagement and revenue potential across the entire enterprise, House Advantage has the strategic know-how to enhance your customers’ experience with your brand.

Robust Suite of Loyalty Solutions

As the platform for delivering our highly customized loyalty programs, our powerful HALo loyalty software extends your loyalty program value proposition and engagement capabilities across all channels and touch points for hotel, restaurant, point of sale, food and beverage, spa, and entertainment systems.

HALo delivers a wealth of valuable real-time business intelligence, while coherently managing your loyalty program from end to end to assure a consistent patron experience, whether serving a single venue or a fully integrated resort and entertainment operation. Built from the ground up, HALo makes it possible to easily manage customer awards, offers, uniquely targeted promotions, local events and more – either from the cloud or your on-premise infrastructure.

HALo has a proven track record of executing at huge transactional scale, the kind typically seen only in global financial networks, with more than 120 installations across 70 markets in the U.S. and Asia. In fact, the robust power of HALo has helped House Advantage achieve several significant milestones; today, HALo:

  • Manages over 100 million patron profiles on behalf of their customers.
  • Processes every gaming rating and patron spend for over 150,000 slot and gaming tables while calculating, publishing and redeeming earned rewards in real time.
  • Tracks and rewards patron spend at nearly 70,000 hotels for rooms, spas and retail outlets.
  • Integrates over 600 food and beverage operations, allowing patrons to earn and redeem rewards directly through point of sale systems.

Agnostic Solutions Through Unparalled Integration Solutions

One of the biggest factors in the success of a new or upgraded loyalty program comes down to how well it works with the considerable investments in the hardware and software you already have. We built the HALo platform, and the slate of integration services that sit behind it, with this in mind. Interoperability is baked into HALo and supported by certified tools for point-to-point and information-bus integrations. With this, you can easily deploy and integrate every aspect of your loyalty program, from management systems, to the customer behavioral and purchase data you depend upon, across the full enterprise. Our HALo system interface and integration technologies offer you:

  • Support for third-party systems with a simple, point-to-point API solution.
  • Secure patron portals to your existing websites, providing access to loyalty data, offers and the patron profiles.
  • Seamless integration for information-bus platform investments, such as TIBCO, MULE or BizTalk.
  • The ability to launch HALo in the cloud to accelerate deployment and reduce infrastructure costs.

As you can see, House Advantage offers a comprehensive, customized blend of strategic services, platform solutions and systems integration capabilities that can address your unique business concerns and opportunities. We deliver customer engagement, revenue increases and loyalty program return-on-investment no other loyalty partner can match. We’ll delve deeper into our unique capabilities in each of these areas in subsequent posts. Until then, we’re confident that with House Advantage as your loyalty partner, you can:

  • Seamlessly integrate HALo loyalty solutions with your existing systems.
  • Provide a consistent customer experience across all transactional systems.
  • Engage more patrons across all amenities and touch points, in real time.
  • Enable customers-managed experiences through self-service interfaces.
  • Offer custom rewards through a suite of advanced loyalty capabilities.
  • Integrate patron spending and behavioral data across multiple touch points.
  • Consolidate data from disparate transactional and management systems.
  • Deploy on existing infrastructures to maximize value of legacy systems.

Also, coming soon, I’ll share my thoughts about what it means to be ‘best in class’ in loyalty strategy and solutions. At House Advantage, we are committed to leading the way through industry expertise, technology excellence, continuous omnichannel innovation and accelerating our customers’ ability to grow their businesses.

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